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......@@ -8,19 +8,127 @@ Unreleased
* abcl-introspect
* [r14934] ABCL-INTROSPECT a contrib for accessing ABCL compiler
information (Alan).
* [r14907] ABCL-AIO all-in-one jar target creates dist/abcl-aio.jar (Alan).
* [r15009] Rework ABCL-BUILD as a contrib which uses UIOP machinery to
invoke Ant on <file:build.xml>, unifying all build mechanisms to a single
prescriptive source artifact external to Common-Lisp.
* [r14911] [r14955] [r14914] Source recording on SYS:SOURCE plist
PRECOMPILER possibly beta reduce form with function
position lambda, record arglist during Build
* [r14912] [r14922] Re-write the ASDF descriptions using secondary systems
* [r14917] build: 'abcl.clean.application.fasls' now cleans only ABCL fasls
* [r14923] Added Dockerfile to package ABCL in Docker
* [r14927] Build add ability to download Maven from Ant
* [r14931] Bless EXT:GET-PID as the offical way to get process id
* [r14947] JSS syntax for access Java fields (Alan)
* [r14962] JSS:J2LIST as a convenience method for turning "anything"
in Java to an appropriate Lisp list.
* [r14967] (Provisional) ABCL-ASDF JDK-JAR ASDF class to describe JDK
path locations (Alan).
* [r14969] Add QUICKLISP-ABCL:*QUICKLISP-PARENT-DIR* special (Alan).
* [r14978] Implement MAKE-LOAD-FORM for Java fields (Alan).
* [r15013] Restore the ability SYSTEM:CHOOSE-ASSEMBLER to use Objectweb
* [r15018] Enable use of MVN-MODULE in ASDF definitions (Alan).
* [r15019] Add NAMED-READTABLES from <​https://github.com/melisgl/named-readtables
* Fix CL:MAKE-PATHNAME for explicitly nil HOST
* [r14903] JNEW-RUNTIME-CLASS (Olof)
Make static functions and :int parameters work. Fix return
conversion for null. Ensure that the same classloader is used.
* Fix CL:OPEN for :DIRECTION :INPUT (pipping)
* ABCL-ASDF uses the value of the reported Maven home to look for
libraries, fixing loading CFFI under FreeBSD 11-RELEASE
* [r14905] ABCL-ASDF uses the value of the reported Maven home to look
for libraries, fixing loading CFFI under FreeBSD 11-RELEASE.
* [r14906] JSS:LOOKUP-CLASSNAME would return allcaps class name if not
found (alan).
* [r14909] QUICKLISP-ABCL simplify load/compile logic.
* [r14918] JAVA Remove generic Throwable handler from JAVA:JFIELD innards
* [r14919] ABCL-ASDF fix finding Maven on Fedora
* [r14926] ABCL-ASDF fix problems with test suite's reliance on PROVE
* [r14921] CL:DIRECTORY no longer errors on files containing asterisk characters
* [r14950] Fix restart calculation for compiled closures (Alan)
* [r14952] Guard printing of large Java objects (Alan)
* [r14953] Fix debugging frames which don't have a pathname (Alan)
* [r14956] Show function documentation in describe (Alan)
* [r14966] JAVA:CHAIN returns last value of computation (Alan)
* [r14973] ABCL-ASDF probes for "mvn" and "mvn.cmd" under Windows
* [r14974] Standardize the use of CL:*LOAD-VERBOSE* to control loading
* [r14976] Fix CL:GET-OUTPUT-STREAM-STRING to reset underlying buffer
* [r14979] Fix JavaObject.getParts() for Java arrays (Alan).
* [r14987] Fix CL:MAKE-PATHNAME for explicitly nil HOST
* [r14996] Correctly implement 'time-of-the-time' daylight savings
semantics (Scott).
* [r15001] Fix signalling simple error with #\~ in CL:FORMAT string
* [r15002] Fix problems with SHARED-INITIALIZE (Olof).
* [r15003] Fix ENSURE-GENERIC-FUNCTION when removing definition (Olof).
* [r15004] Fix DESTRUCTURING-BIND with &rest arguments (Olof)
* [r15024] Optimise LOGCOUNT (Olof).
* [r15026] Support bignum argument for FILE-POSITION (Olof).
* [r15032] Better directory validation; handle :UNSPECIFIC (Olof).
* [r15033] Fix LOOP code size estimation (Olof).
* [r15034] Fix NTH inlining type mismatch (Olof).
* [r15035] Fix byte code verification error in edge case (Olof).
* [r15036] Fix PACKAGE-ERROR-PACKAGE behaviour (Olof).
* [r15037] Fix MAX type derivation (Olof).
* [r15038] Fix NPE if directory can't be accessed (Olof).
* [r15044] Documentation renders less/greater-than characters correctly (Olof).
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