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abcl-introspect: fix LOCAL-FUNCTION-P

(Alan Ruttenberg)

Minor improvement of any-function-name; bugfix for local-function-p.

From <>.

Merges <>.
parent 74dad25e
......@@ -264,7 +264,10 @@ above have used annotate local functions"
`(:macro ,name)
(and (not (compiled-function-p function))
(let ((body (#"getBody" function)))
(if (and (consp body) (consp (car body)) (eq (caar body) 'jss::invoke-restargs))
`(:interpreted-function ,(concatenate 'string "#\"" (cadar body) "\""))
(function-name-by-where-loaded-from function)))))))))
(defun function-name-by-where-loaded-from (function)
......@@ -281,7 +284,7 @@ above have used annotate local functions"
function. If so add to function internal plist :jss-function and the
name of the java methods"
(and (find-package :jss)
(eq (type-of f) 'compiled-function)
(compiled-function-p f)
(or (getf (sys::function-plist f) :jss-function)
(let ((internals (function-internal-fields f)))
(and (= (length internals) 2)
......@@ -292,7 +295,7 @@ above have used annotate local functions"
(defun local-function-p (function)
"Helper function. Tests whether a function wasn't defined at top
level based on function-plist annotations"
(and (functionp function)
(and (and (functionp function) (not (typep function 'generic-function)))
(let ((plist (sys::function-plist function)))
(or (getf plist :internal-to-function)
(getf plist :method-function)
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