Fast SHA-{1,256,512} cryptographic hashes for files.

Includes the start of a benchmark that seems to show that using NIO
direcly without involving Lisp streams works a couple orders of
magnitude faster.  A definite point of optimization would be to have a
java.nio.ByteBuffer backed Stream that could be used as source and/or
a sync for fast io via FileChannel.
parent 20b0e101
(defvar *digest-types*
'((:sha-1 . "SHA-1")
(:sha-256 . "SHA-256")
(:sha-512 . "SHA-512")))
(defconstant +byte-buffer-rewind+
(jmethod "java.nio.ByteBuffer" "rewind"))
(defconstant +byte-buffer-get+
(jmethod "java.nio.ByteBuffer" "get" "[B" "int" "int"))
(defconstant +digest-update+
(jmethod "" "update" "[B" "int" "int"))
;;; needs ABCL svn > r13328 and is probably not faster than the NIO version
(defun digest-file-1 (path &key (digest :sha-256))
(let* ((digest-type (cdr (assoc digest *digest-types*)))
(digest (jstatic "getInstance" "" digest-type))
(buffer (make-array 8192 :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))))
(with-open-file (input path :element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(loop :for bytes = (read-sequence buffer input)
:while (plusp bytes)
(jcall-raw "update" digest
(jnew-array-from-array "byte" buffer) 0 bytes))
(jcall "digest" digest))))
(defun digest-file (path &key (digest :sha-256))
(let* ((digest-type (cdr (assoc digest *digest-types*)))
(digest (jstatic "getInstance" "" digest-type))
(namestring (if (pathnamep path) (namestring path) path))
(file-input-stream (jnew "" namestring))
(channel (jcall "getChannel" file-input-stream))
(length 8192)
(buffer (jstatic "allocateDirect" "java.nio.ByteBuffer" length))
(array (jnew-array "byte" length)))
(do ((read (jcall "read" channel buffer)
(jcall "read" channel buffer)))
((not (> read 0)))
(jcall +byte-buffer-rewind+ buffer)
(jcall +byte-buffer-get+ buffer array 0 read)
(jcall +byte-buffer-rewind+ buffer)
(jcall +digest-update+ digest array 0 read))
(jcall "digest" digest)))
(defun ascii-digest (digest)
(format nil "~{~X~}"
(mapcar (lambda (b) (if (< b 0) (+ 256 b) b))
(java::list-from-jarray digest))))
(defun benchmark (directory)
(let (results start-1 end-1 start-2 end-2)
(dolist (entry (directory directory))
(setf start-1 (get-internal-run-time))
(digest-file-1 entry)
(setf end-1 (get-internal-run-time))
(setf start-2 (get-internal-run-time))
(digest-file entry)
(setf end-2 (get-internal-run-time))
(let ((result (list entry (- end-1 start-1) (- end-2 start-2))))
(format t "~&~A" result)
(push result results)))
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