Added Maven POM for deployment. Fixed a primitive class name in

parent fe82dad6
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="">
<!-- NOT USABLE FOR BUILDS, only for installing into a repository! -->
<name>ABCL - Armed Bear Common Lisp</name>
<description>Common Lisp implementation running on the JVM</description>
<name>GNU General Public License with Classpath exception</name>
<name>Erik Huelsmann</name>
<name>Mark Evenson</name>
<name>Ville Voutilainen</name>
<name>Alessio Stalla</name>
<dependencies />
......@@ -1207,13 +1207,13 @@ public final class Java
private static final Primitive JRUN_EXCEPTION_PROTECTED = new pf_jrun_exception_protection();
private static final Primitive JRUN_EXCEPTION_PROTECTED = new pf_jrun_exception_protected();
@DocString(name="jrun-exception-protected", args="closure",
doc="Invokes the function CLOSURE and returns the result. "+
"Signals an error if stack or heap exhaustion occurs.")
private static final class pf_jrun_exception_protection extends Primitive
private static final class pf_jrun_exception_protected extends Primitive
super("jrun-exception-protected", PACKAGE_JAVA, true);
......@@ -1229,6 +1229,7 @@ public final class Java
return error(new StorageCondition("Out of memory " + oom.getMessage()));
catch (StackOverflowError oos) {
return error(new StorageCondition("Stack overflow."));
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