build: download Maven local to build process

The 'abcl.ext.maven' target will download and unpack Maven binaries
under <file:ext/apache-maven-3.3.9/>.  This will be used to aquire a
version of Maven to be incoporated as part of the 'abcl-aio.jar' artifact.
parent cb70478c
...@@ -955,7 +955,12 @@ ${basedir}/../cl-bench ...@@ -955,7 +955,12 @@ ${basedir}/../cl-bench
<property name="junit.path" <property name="junit.path"
value="${abcl.ext.dir}/junit-4.8.1.jar"/> value="${abcl.ext.dir}/junit-4.8.1.jar"/>
<property name=""
<property name="maven.dist.uri"
<property name="maven.local.path"
<path id="abcl.test.compile.classpath"> <path id="abcl.test.compile.classpath">
<pathelement location="${junit.path}"/> <pathelement location="${junit.path}"/>
...@@ -966,16 +971,32 @@ ${basedir}/../cl-bench ...@@ -966,16 +971,32 @@ ${basedir}/../cl-bench
<target name="abcl.ext.p"> <target name="abcl.ext.p">
<!--XXX generalize over enumeration of all contributions to <!--XXX generalize over enumeration of all contributions to
abcl.ext if we get more of them. --> abcl.ext if we get more of them. -->
<available file="${junit.path}" property="abcl.ext.p"/> <condition property="abcl.ext.p">
<available file="${junit.path}"/>
<available file="${maven.local.path}"/>
</target> </target>
<target name="abcl.ext" depends="abcl.ext.p" unless="abcl.ext.p">
<target name="abcl.ext" depends="abcl.ext.p" unless="abcl.ext.p">
<mkdir dir="${abcl.ext.dir}"/> <mkdir dir="${abcl.ext.dir}"/>
<get <get
src="" src=""
usetimestamp="true" usetimestamp="true"
dest="${junit.path}"/> dest="${junit.path}"/>
<target name="abcl.ext.maven" depends="abcl.ext">
<echo>Installing Maven for ABCL from ${maven.dist.uri}.</echo>
<unzip src="${maven.local.path}"
</target> </target>
<target name="abcl.test.compile" <target name="abcl.test.compile"
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