Document the extension to CLOS specialization for Java objects.

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......@@ -368,6 +368,40 @@ the garbage collector and others.
\subsection{Beyond ANSI}
Naturally, in striving to be a useful contemporary Common Lisp
implementation, ABCL endeavors to include extensions beyond the ANSI
specification which are either widely adopted or are especially useful
in working with the hosting JVM.
\subsubsection{Extensions to CLOS}
There is an additional syntax for specializing the parameter of a
generic function on a java class, viz. (java:jclass CLASS__STRING)
where CLASS__STRING is a string naming a Java class in dotted package
For instance the following specialization would perhaps allow one to
print more information about the contents of a java.util.Collection
(defmethod print-object ((coll (java:jclass "java.util.Collection")) stream)
If the class had been loaded via a classloader other than the original
the class you wish to specialize on, one needs to specify the
classloader as an optional third argument.
(defmethod print-object ((device-id (java:jclass ""
(#"getBaseLoader" cl-user::*classpath-manager*)))
% TODO document the THREADS package.
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