Cleanup prove tests

Remove use of test package, favoring use of CL-USER.
parent 23f46a68
......@@ -3,16 +3,12 @@
(defsystem abcl-asdf-tests
:author "Mark Evenson"
:long-description "<>"
:version "2.0.0"
:version "2.1.0"
:defsystem-depends-on (prove-asdf)
:depends-on (abcl-asdf ;; our dependencies
;; Actual testing framework
:components ((:module package :pathname "t/"
:components ((:file "package")))
(:module tests :pathname "t/" :serial t
:depends-on (package)
:depends-on (abcl-asdf
:components ((:module tests
:pathname "t/"
:components ((:test-file "log4j")
(:test-file "resolve")
(:test-file "resolve-multiple-maven-dependencies")
......@@ -20,3 +16,5 @@
:perform (asdf:test-op (op c)
(uiop:symbol-call :prove-asdf 'run-test-system c)))
(in-package :abcl-asdf/test)
(in-package :cl-user)
"Output a message to the Console.
Note: for users of SLIME, this will appear in the associated *inferior-lisp* buffer.")
(prove:plan 1)
(require :log4j)
(#"configure" 'log4j.BasicConfigurator)
(#"info" (#"getRootLogger" 'log4j.Logger) "Kilroy wuz here.")
(pass "no error occured while logging")
(prove:plan 2)
(when (find "log4j" (asdf:already-loaded-systems) :test 'equal)
(prove:diag "Log4j was already loaded. Explicitly clearing it from ASDF.")
(asdf:clear-system :log4j))
(prove:ok (asdf:load-system :log4j)
"Testing loading the log4j system…")
(#"configure" 'log4j.BasicConfigurator)
(#"info" (#"getRootLogger" 'log4j.Logger) "Kilroy wuz here.")
(prove:pass "No error occured while testing logging to *standard-output*"))
(in-package :abcl-asdf/test)
(in-package :cl-user)
(plan 5)
(prove:plan 5)
(diag "Testing local bootable Maven version.")
(prove:diag "Testing local bootable Maven version.")
(multiple-value-bind (good version)
(ok good)
(is-type version 'list)
(ok (every #'fixnump version)))
(prove:ok good)
(prove:is-type version 'list)
(prove:ok (every #'fixnump version)))
(is-type (abcl-asdf:resolve-dependencies "log4j" "log4j") 'string)
(is-type (abcl-asdf:resolve "org.abcl/abcl") 'string)
(prove:is-type (abcl-asdf:resolve-dependencies "log4j" "log4j") 'string)
(prove:is-type (abcl-asdf:resolve "org.abcl/abcl") 'string)
......@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@
(unless (ignore-errors (asdf:find-system :test-mvn-module))
(prove:plan 1)
(prove:plan 3)
(prove:ok (asdf:load-system :test-mvn-module)
"Testing loading of ASDF:MVN-MODULE definition…")
(prove:ok (asdf:load-system :soot-only-repositories)
(defpackage abcl-asdf/test
(:nicknames #:abcl-asdf-test)
(:use cl abcl-asdf prove))
(in-package :abcl-asdf/test)
(in-package :cl-user)
(prove:plan 1)
(in-package :cl-user)
(prove:plan 5)
(let ((set (list 2 3 5 7 11)))
(prove:plan 2)
(prove:is-type (jss:to-hashset set)
"Checking whether JSS:TO-HASHSET produces a Java object…")
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