Start outlining a manual.

We go with LaTex for source.  I want:

   a) a diff-able documentaion source format
   b) reasonable control over both print and online typography
   c) free (libre) toolchain
   d) the ability to include diagrams
   e) extensible reference (and cross reference) processing

Honestly, I am not very satisfied with current mechanisms to go from
LaTeX source to online content, so I hope to improve the transformation.
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\title{A Manual for Armed Bear Common Lisp}
\date{June 15, 2011}
\author{Mark Evenson, Erik Huelsmann, Alessio Stallo, Ville Voutilainen}
This manual corresponds to abcl-0.26.0, as yet unreleased.
java-1.5.xx, java-1.6.0_10+ recommended.
\subsection{Building from Source}
% TODO repeat install
\section{Interaction with host JVM}
% describe calling Java from Lisp, and calling Lisp from Java,
% probably in two separate sections. Presumably, we can partition our
% audience into those who are more comfortable with Java, and those
% that are more comforable with Lisp
\subsection{Lisp to Java}
\subsection{Lisp from Java}
% include autogen docs for the JAVA package.
\section{ANSI Common Lisp Conformance}
ABCL is currently a non-conforming ANSI Common Lisp implementation due
to the following (known) issues:
\item Lack of long form of DEFINE-METHOD-COMBINATION
\item Missing statement of conformance in accompanying documentation
\item Incomplete MOP
% TODO go through AMOP with symbols, starting by looking for
% matching function signature.
ABCL aims to be be a fully conforming ANSI Common Lisp
implementation. Any other behavior should be reported as a bug.
% TODO document the EXTENSIONS package.
% TODO document the THREADS package.
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