abcl-asdf: fix finding Maven on Fedora

Fedora packaging strips the version from the name of the Maven
artifact, so we relax the pattern we search for jar files from
'maven-core-*.jar' to 'maven-core*.jar'.

<> :closes <> .
parent 00051774
......@@ -114,7 +114,7 @@ Emits warnings if not able to find a suitable executable."
(warn "Failed to find Maven executable to determine Aether library location."))
(lambda (d)
(when (directory (merge-pathnames "maven-core-*.jar" d))
(when (directory (merge-pathnames "maven-core*.jar" d))
(truename d)))
(list (make-pathname :defaults (merge-pathnames "../lib/" (find-mvn))
:name nil :type nil)
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