abcl-introspect: another case (Alan Ruttenberg)

parent c22177c0
(in-package :jss)
;; ****************************************************************
;; Already defined in jss
(defun set-to-list (set)
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(with-constant-signature ((iterator "iterator" t) (hasnext "hasNext") (next "next"))
(loop with iterator = (iterator set)
while (hasNext iterator)
for item = (next iterator)
collect item)))
(defun jlist-to-list (list)
"Convert a LIST implementing java.util.List to a Lisp list."
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(loop :for i :from 0 :below (jcall "size" list)
:collecting (jcall "get" list i)))
(defun jarray-to-list (jarray)
"Convert the Java array named by JARRARY into a Lisp list."
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(loop :for i :from 0 :below (jarray-length jarray)
:collecting (jarray-ref jarray i)))
;;; Deprecated
;;; XXX unclear what sort of list this would actually work on, as it
;;; certainly doesn't seem to be any of the Java collection types
;;; (what implements getNext())?
(defun list-to-list (list)
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(with-constant-signature ((isEmpty "isEmpty") (getfirst "getFirst")
(getNext "getNext"))
(loop until (isEmpty list)
collect (getFirst list)
do (setq list (getNext list)))))
;; Contribution of Luke Hope. (Thanks!)
(defun iterable-to-list (iterable)
"Return the items contained the java.lang.Iterable ITERABLE as a list."
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(let ((it (#"iterator" iterable)))
(with-constant-signature ((has-next "hasNext")
(next "next"))
(loop :while (has-next it)
:collect (next it)))))
(defun vector-to-list (vector)
"Return the elements of java.lang.Vector VECTOR as a list."
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(with-constant-signature ((has-more "hasMoreElements")
(next "nextElement"))
(let ((elements (#"elements" vector)))
(loop :while (has-more elements)
:collect (next elements)))))
(defun hashmap-to-hashtable (hashmap &rest rest &key (keyfun #'identity) (valfun #'identity) (invert? nil)
&allow-other-keys )
"Converts the a HASHMAP reference to a java.util.HashMap object to a Lisp hashtable.
The REST paramter specifies arguments to the underlying MAKE-HASH-TABLE call.
KEYFUN and VALFUN specifies functions to be run on the keys and values
of the HASHMAP right before they are placed in the hashtable.
If INVERT? is non-nil than reverse the keys and values in the resulting hashtable."
(let ((keyset (#"keySet" hashmap))
(table (or table (apply 'make-hash-table
(loop for (key value) on rest by #'cddr
unless (member key '(:invert? :valfun :keyfun :table))
collect key and collect value)))))
(with-constant-signature ((iterator "iterator" t) (hasnext "hasNext") (next "next"))
(loop with iterator = (iterator keyset)
while (hasNext iterator)
for item = (next iterator)
do (if invert?
(setf (gethash (funcall valfun (#"get" hashmap item)) table) (funcall keyfun item))
(setf (gethash (funcall keyfun item) table) (funcall valfun (#"get" hashmap item)))))
;; ****************************************************************
;; But needing to remember is annoying
;; Here's a summary I gleaned:
;; java.util.Dictionary -> #"elements" yields java.util.Collections$3
;; java.util.AbstractCollection -> #"iterator" yields java.util.Iterator?
;; org.apache.felix.framework.util.CompoundEnumeration -> implements java.util.Enumeration
;; java.util.Collections -> doc says #"iterator" yields java.util.Iterator
;; java.util.Collections$1) -> implements java.util.Iterator
;; java.util.Collections$2) -> implements java.util.Spliterator (#"iterator" (#"stream" 'StreamSupport <a spliterator>)) -> java.util.Iterator
;; java.util.Collections$3) -> implements java.util.Enumeration
;; java.util.Iterator
;; ("next" "hasNext")
;; java.util.Enumeration)
;; ("nextElement" "hasMoreElements")
(defun j2list (thing)
(declare (optimize (speed 3) (safety 0)))
(flet ((iterator-collect (iterator)
(with-constant-signature ((has-next "hasNext")
(next "next"))
(loop :while (has-next iterator)
:collect (next iterator))))
(enumeration-collect (enumeration)
(with-constant-signature ((has-next "hasMoreElements")
(next "nextElement"))
(loop :while (has-next enumeration)
:collect (next enumeration))))
(map-collect (map)
(with-constant-signature ((has-next "hasMoreElements")
(next "nextElement"))
(let ((keyiterator (#"iterator" (#"keyset" map))))
(loop :while (has-next keyiterator)
:for key = (next keyiterator)
:collect (cons key (#"get" map key)))))))
(let ((isinstance (load-time-value (jmethod "java.lang.Class" "isInstance" "java.lang.Object"))))
(cond ((jcall isinstance (load-time-value (jclass "java.util.AbstractCollection")) thing) (iterator-collect (#"iterator" thing)))
((jcall isinstance (load-time-value (jclass "java.util.Iterator")) thing) (iterator-collect thing))
((jcall isinstance (load-time-value (jclass "java.util.Enumeration")) thing) (enumeration-collect thing))
((jcall isinstance (load-time-value (jclass "java.util.AbstractMap")) thing) (map-collect thing))
((jcall isinstance (load-time-value (jclass "java.util.Collections")) thing) (iterator-collect (#"iterator" thing)))
((jcall isinstance (load-time-value (jclass "java.util.Spliterator")) thing) (iterator-collect (#"iterator" (#"stream" 'StreamSupport thing))))
((jcall isinstance (load-time-value (jclass "java.util.Dictionary")) thing) (iterator-collect (#"elements" thing)))
((ignore-errors (#"toArray" thing)) (coerce (#"toArray" thing) 'list))
(t (error "yet another iteration type - fix it: ~a" (jclass-name (jobject-class thing))))))))
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