Deprecate tool to build ABCL from another lisp

The results of the Lisp based build system present in
<file:tools/build-from-lisp.bash> had long diverged from the results
of the canonical build description in <file:build.xml>.  The
reimplementation of ABCL-BUILD as a contrib based upon UIOP is
currently incomplete for non-ABCL CL implementations, most notably
missing the ability to download the necessary non-Lisp tools from the

The "old" lisp based build code remains in
<file:contrib/abcl-build/build/deprecated.lisp> for those who need to
hack it back to a working state.

Update the README to reflect the deprecation.
parent af30e4e4
This diff is collapsed.
...@@ -71,7 +71,8 @@ FILE="src/org/abcl/lisp/build/build-abcl.lisp" ...@@ -71,7 +71,8 @@ FILE="src/org/abcl/lisp/build/build-abcl.lisp"
abcl() abcl()
{ {
exec "$1" --load "$2" --eval "(progn $3 (ext:quit))" # exec "$1" --load "$2" --eval "(progn $3 (ext:quit))"
exec "$1" --eval "(require :abcl-contrib)(require :abcl-build)" --eval "(abcl-build:build-abcl)"
} }
ecl() ecl()
...@@ -117,17 +118,17 @@ case "$IMPL" in ...@@ -117,17 +118,17 @@ case "$IMPL" in
abcl*) abcl*)
abcl "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; abcl "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
clisp*) clisp*)
clisp "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
sbcl*) sbcl*)
sbcl "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
lisp) lisp)
cmucl "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
ccl*) ccl*)
ccl "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
gcl*) gcl*)
notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
ecl*) ecl*)
ecl "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
alisp*) alisp*)
notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;; notimplemented "$IMPL" "$FILE" "$FORM" ;;
*) *)
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