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......@@ -2879,14 +2879,22 @@ or with a default of @code{nil}
if no value is specified in any transitive parent.
The argument must be a either @code{nil}, a fbound symbol,
a lambda-expression (e.g. @code{(lambda (thunk) ...(funcall thunk) ...)})
a lambda-expression (e.g. @code{(lambda (thunk) ...(funcall thunk ...) ...)})
a function object (e.g. using @code{#.#'} but that's discouraged
because it prevents the introspection done by e.g. asdf-dependency-grovel),
or a string that when read yields a symbol or a lambda-expression.
@code{nil} means the normal compile-file function will be called.
A non-nil value designates a function of one argument
that will be called with a thunk for calling
the compile-file function with proper arguments.
that will be called with a function that
calls the @code{*compile-op-compile-file-function*} (usually @code{compile-file*})
with proper arguments;
the around-compile hook may supply additional arguments
to pass to that @code{*compile-op-compile-file-function*}.
One notable argument that is heeded by @code{compile-file*} is
@code{:compile-check}, a function called when the compilation was otherwise a success,
with the same arguments as @code{compile-file},
to determine whether
(NB: The ability to pass such extra flags is only available starting with asdf 2.22.1.)
Note that by using a string, you may reference
a function, symbol and/or package
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