parent 44dc0d3e
(asdf:defsystem :javaparser
:description ""
:serial t
:components ((:mvn "com.github.javaparser/javaparser-core/3.0.1")
(:file "javaparser")
(:file "read-sharp-quote-expression")))
(in-package :jss)
(defvar *class-to-last-component* (make-hash-table :test 'equalp))
(defclass javaparser () ())
(defmacro def-java-read (ast-class class fields &body body)
(let ((jclass (find-java-class (concatenate 'string "com.github.javaparser.ast.expr." (string ast-class)))))
(setf (gethash ,jclass *class-to-last-component*) ',ast-class)
(defmethod ,ast-class ((obj ,class) node &optional
,@(loop for field in fields
collect `(,(intern (string-upcase field)) (get-java-field node ,field t))))
(defvar *object-for-this* (new 'lang.object))
(defmethod get-optional ((r javaparser) node)
(if (equal node (load-time-value (#"empty" 'java.util.Optional ))) nil (#"get" node)))
(defmethod process-node ((r javaparser) node)
(when (jinstance-of-p node "java.util.Optional")
(setq node (get-optional r node)))
(when (null node)
(return-from process-node nil))
(if (java-object-p node)
(funcall (gethash (jobject-class node) *class-to-last-component*) r node)
(defmethod read-java-expression ((r javaparser) expression)
`(let ((this *object-for-this*))
,(process-node r (#"parseExpression" 'javaparser expression))))
(def-java-read LongLiteralExpr javaparser ()
(read-from-string (#"replaceFirst" (#"getValue" node) "L" "")))
(def-java-read BooleanLiteralExpr javaparser ()
(if (equal (#"getValue" node) "true") t nil))
(def-java-read IntegerLiteralExpr javaparser nil
(parse-integer (#"getValue" node)))
(def-java-read DoubleLiteralExpr javaparser nil
(let ((raw (#"getValue" node)))
(setq raw (#"replaceAll" raw "_" ""))
(if (#"matches" raw ".*[dD]$")
(read-from-string (#"replaceFirst" (subseq raw 0 (1- (length raw))) "e" "d"))
(if (#"matches" raw ".*[fF]$")
(read-from-string (subseq raw 0 (1- (length raw))))
(read-from-string raw)))))
(def-java-read CharLiteralExpr javaparser nil
(#"getValue" node))
(def-java-read StringLiteralExpr javaparser nil
(#"getValue" node))
(def-java-read NullLiteralExpr javaparser nil
(def-java-read SimpleName javaparser ()
(let ((symbol (intern (#"getIdentifier" node))))
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