ABCL system code should be platform agnostic at runtime.

Use (featurep :windows) rather than #+windows so that the compiled
code will work the same no matter where it is compiled.
parent 8b2e65a0
......@@ -75,10 +75,10 @@
(wild-pathname-p pathname))
(let ((namestring (directory-namestring pathname)))
(when (and namestring (> (length namestring) 0))
(let ((device (pathname-device pathname)))
(when device
(setq namestring (concatenate 'string device ":" namestring))))
(when (featurep :windows)
(let ((device (pathname-device pathname)))
(when device
(setq namestring (concatenate 'string device ":" namestring)))))
(let ((entries (list-directories-with-wildcards namestring))
(matching-entries ()))
(dolist (entry entries)
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