Unverified Commit ab5a449f authored by Mark Evenson's avatar Mark Evenson Committed by GitHub

Merge pull request #129 from easye/master

[INCOMPLETE] Fix the numeric tower for floats
parents 080d942a 65b62a2b
......@@ -153,11 +153,34 @@
:format-arguments (list float))))
(defun decode-float (float)
(multiple-value-bind (significand exponent sign)
(integer-decode-float float)
(values (coerce (/ significand (expt 2 53)) 'float)
(+ exponent 53)
(if (minusp sign) -1.0 1.0))))
((typep float 'single-float)
(decode-float-single float))
((typep float 'double-float)
(decode-float-double float))
(error 'simple-type-error
:format-control "~S is neither SINGLE-FLOAT nor DOUBLE-FLOAT."
:format-arguments (list float)))))
(defun decode-float-single (float)
;; TODO memoize
(let ((float-precision-single (float-precision 1f0)))
(multiple-value-bind (significand exponent sign)
(integer-decode-float float)
(values (coerce (/ significand (expt 2 float-precision-single)) 'single-float)
(+ exponent float-precision-single)
(if (minusp sign) -1f0 1f0)))))
(defun decode-float-double (float)
;; TODO memoize
(let ((float-precision-double (float-precision 1d0)))
(multiple-value-bind (significand exponent sign)
(integer-decode-float float)
(values (coerce (/ significand (expt 2 float-precision-double)) 'double-float)
(+ exponent float-precision-double)
(if (minusp sign) -1d0 1d0)))))
(defun conjugate (number)
(etypecase number
(in-package :cl-user)
;;; <https://github.com/armedbear/abcl/issues/93>
(let ((floats `(1f6
(let ((floats `(1f0
......@@ -42,4 +43,11 @@
(let ((result (decode-float float)))
(prove:is-type result 'double-float))))
;;; additional things along the way…
Should fail, as you shouldn't be able to
(decode-float single-float-positive-infinity)
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