abcl-asdf: fix usage with local repository

parent 905f211b
......@@ -2,8 +2,8 @@
(asdf:defsystem :abcl-asdf
:author "Mark Evenson"
:version "1.5.0"
:description "<> asdf:defsystem <>"
:version "1.5.1"
:description "<> asdf:defsystem <>"
:depends-on (jss)
((:module packages :pathname ""
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ single entry denoting a remote binary artifact."
:version version
:repository repository)
(if alternate-uri
(values (namestring alternate-uri) alternate-uri)
(values (pathname alternate-uri) alternate-uri)
(error "Failed to resolve MVN component name ~A." name)))))
(defmethod resolve ((uri pathname))
......@@ -449,7 +449,7 @@ Returns the Maven specific string for the artifact "
(version "LATEST" versionp)
(repository *maven-remote-repository* repository-p))
"Dynamically resolve Maven dependencies for item with GROUP-ID and ARTIFACT-ID
optionally with a VERSION and a REPOSITORY. Users of the function are advised
optionally with a VERSION and a REPOSITORY.
All recursive dependencies will be visited before resolution is successful.
......@@ -469,10 +469,12 @@ in Java CLASSPATH representation."
artifact (java:jfield (jss:find-java-class "JavaScopes") "COMPILE")))
(collect-request (java:jnew (jss:find-java-class "CollectRequest"))))
(#"setRoot" collect-request dependency)
(#"addRepository" collect-request
(if repository-p
(ensure-remote-repository :repository repository)
;; Don't call addRepository if we explicitly specify a NIL repository
(unless (and repository-p (not repository))
(#"addRepository" collect-request
(if repository-p
(ensure-remote-repository :repository repository)
(let* ((node
(#"getRoot" (#"collectDependencies" (ensure-repository-system) (ensure-session) collect-request)))
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