Fix #144 via correcly naming hints for compiler properties.

parent d1b90fee
......@@ -54,9 +54,9 @@
(let ((limit (gensym "LIMIT-")))
;; Annotations for the compiler.
(setf (get limit 'dotimes-limit-variable-p) t)
(setf (get limit 'dotimes-index-variable-name) index)
(setf (get index 'dotimes-index-variable-name) index)
(setf (get index 'dotimes-index-variable-p) t)
(setf (get index 'dotimes-limit-variable-name) limit)
(setf (get limit 'dotimes-limit-variable-name) limit)
`(block nil
(let ((,var 0)
(,limit ,count)
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