TRANSLATE-PATHNAME uses source version if to version if :wild or nil.

This aligns the behavior to what SBCL does.  The original behavior of
ABCL of using the from version would result in a lot of the usages of
TRANSLATE-PATHNAME with wildcards to produce a wild version in the
result which is probably never the intention.
parent f0f417d0
......@@ -323,8 +323,9 @@
(pathname-type to)
:version (if (null (pathname-host from))
(if (eq (pathname-version to) :wild)
(pathname-version from)
(if (or (eq (pathname-version to) :wild)
(eq (pathname-version to) nil))
(pathname-version source)
(pathname-version to))
(translate-component (pathname-version source)
(pathname-version from)
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