1. 19 Mar, 2020 3 commits
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      Merge <https://github.com/armedbear/abcl/pull/148> · 584d4672
      Mark authored
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      Merge pull request #148 from easye/easye/2090309b · 1b838b7d
      Mark Evenson authored
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      abcl-asdf: use WITH-AETHER to ensure things are loaded · 6e007e5d
      Mark authored
      Unfortunately, since we can't easily "unload" jar files from the
      classpath, it isn't easy to make the WITH-AETHER macro work with
      differing versions of Aether.  Still, it's a little cleaner to use a
      WITH-AETHER form to ensure that the Maven initialization has been done
      TODO: ensure that WITH-AETHER invoked with a bogus Maven Aether
      library location doesn't bork the system.
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      t/abcl-asdf: fix test · b8898e88
      Mark authored
      TODO: fix ABCL-ASDF:WITH-AETHER with invalid AETHER-LIBS parameter.
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      abcl-asdf: rework Maven usage strategy · f41e4a69
      Mark authored
      On initialization of the Maven Aether linkages, If
      ABCL-ASDF::*MVN-LIBS-DIRECTORY* is set, use that instead of finding
      the path by invoking 'mvn'.
      Don't depend on the invocation of `mvn` to determine things as it is
      both slow, and error prone if JAVA_HOME is not set correctly.  We have
      used the libraries themselves rather than invoking the
      Since by definition, ABCL-ASDF depends on ASDF/UIOP being present, use
      UIOP:RUN-PROGRAM instead of SYS:RUN-PROGRAM as it seems to work better
      under Java 6.
      Re-worked IGNORES-ERROR invocation order so that we ar now working
      with maven-3.0.4 and maven-3.6.3.
      Export MVN-VERSION.
      Document the current compatibility status somewhat.
      TODO: provide a restart that will download locally a version
      of Maven if none can be found.
      TODO: chase down the compile-time binding of
      MavenRepositorySystemUtils in the fasl which can cause load failure
      when switching Maven versions used by the local implementation.
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      jstatic: check narrowing for explicit method reference · 04191d57
      Mark authored
      The arguments for to an explicitly referenced static Java method
      taking java.lang.Byte java.lang.Short parameters that can be narrowed
      from fixnums or java.lang.Integer parameters that can narrowed from
      bignums without losing information.
      All such invocations should now error if such an invocation would
      truncate information on coercion.
      TODO: provide a way (or argument for JCOERCE) for the user to
      explictly request such narrowing even if it loses information, an
      often utilized technique on the JVM when dealing with data types that
      don't work well with the JVM primitive types, such as using the signed
      byte for bit twiddling.
      TODO: do the same for JCALL, hopefully refactoring the code.
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      asdf: update to asdf-3.3.4 · 682dbaf8
      Mark authored
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      ci: use CFFI distributed via Quicklisp · fe1a9a8f
      Mark authored
      <quicklisp 2020-02-18> distributes cffi-0.21.0 which contains
      Cyrus's fixes for failing tests in late 2019.
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      build: ensure javac compiles with UTF-8 encoding · 8fd3497e
      Mark authored
      It's 2020, but some build toolchains for ABCL are so old that they
      expect ASCII.
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