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      Split StackFrame abstraction into Java and Lisp stack frames. · a506fb35
      From the original patch/idea from Tobias Rittweiler this introduces
      more information of primary interest to ABCL implemnters such as when
      a form like (make-thread #'(lambda ())) is evaluated
      All users of EXT:BACKTRACE-AS-LIST should now use SYS:BACKTRACE, the
      results of which is a list of the new builtin classes JAVA_STACK_FRAME
      or LISP_STACK_FRAME.  The methods SYS:FRAME-TO-STRING and
      SYS:FRAME-TO-LIST are defined to break these new objects into
      inspectable parts.  As a convenience, there is a SYS:BACKTRACE-AS-LIST
      which calls SYS:FRAME-TO-LIST to each element of the computed
      Refactorings have occurred on the Java side: the misnamed
      LispThread.backtrace() is now LispThread.printBacktrace().
      LispThread.backtraceAsList() is now LispThread.backtrace() as it is
      a shorter name, and more to the point.
      Java stack frames only appear after a call through Lisp.error(), which
      has only the top level as a restart as an option.
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