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Depend on sbcl 0.9.0. (Some internal sb-kernel functions were renamed)

parent 848a7f8e
-*- Text -*-
--- Changes in SBCL CLX 0.7.0, FILL IN TIMESTAMP ---
The SBCL support now depends on version 0.9.0 or greater.
--- Changes in SBCL CLX 0.6.1, Mon Mar 28 2005 ---
experimental GLX extension support (from Janis Dzerins)
......@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ a selection of patches were added from other CLXes around the net.
This CLX distribution is intended to work under the latest released
version of SBCL - please report the bug if it doesn't. It should
usually also work with earlier versions back to 0.8.1, and possibly
usually also work with earlier versions back to 0.9.0, and possibly
earlier still, but may need manual adjustment to the clx.asd file (to
remove use of newly-introduced features).
......@@ -3545,7 +3545,7 @@ Returns a list of (host display-number screen protocol)."
(count height (1- count)))
((zerop count))
(declare (type array-index src-idx dest-idx count))
(sb-kernel:bit-bash-copy sdata src-idx ddata dest-idx width)))))
(sb-kernel:ub1-bash-copy sdata src-idx ddata dest-idx width)))))
#+(or CMU sbcl)
(defun fast-read-pixarray-using-bitblt
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