Commit 259fc450 authored by csr21's avatar csr21
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Whoops.  byte count / word length confusion led to the wrong amount of space
being requested of the buffer, with consequent failures in the CLIM Debugger
when run with freetype.

parent 922f640f
......@@ -802,7 +802,7 @@ by every function, which attempts to generate RENDER requests."
(request-length (+ 7 (/ payloadsize 4))))
(declare (integer request-length))
(with-buffer-request (,display (extension-opcode ,display "RENDER") :length request-length)
(with-buffer-request (,display (extension-opcode ,display "RENDER") :length (* 4 request-length))
(data ,opcode)
(length request-length)
(render-op ,alu)
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