Commit 4472ac28 authored by csr21's avatar csr21
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always return object from save-id

Whoops; the previous change broke resources from other clients entirely.
Spotted while testing McCLIM's highlight and paste.

parent 970eef3a
......@@ -215,7 +215,8 @@
(let ((base (display-resource-id-base display))
(mask (display-resource-id-mask display)))
(when (= (logandc2 id mask) base)
(setf (gethash id (display-resource-id-map display)) object))))
(setf (gethash id (display-resource-id-map display)) object))
;; Define functions to find the CLX data types given a display and resource-id
;; If the data type is being cached, look there first.
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