Commit 4f1ba623 authored by csr21's avatar csr21
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From Stelian Ionescu (fe[nl]ix on #lisp IRC).

parent 658ac8c9
......@@ -436,7 +436,7 @@ invalid."
(defun xfree86-vidmode-set-gamma (dpy scr &key (red 1.0) (green 1.0) (blue 1.0))
(declare (type display dpy)
(type screen scr)
(type (single-float 0.100 10.000) red green blue))
(type (single-float 0.100f0 10.000f0) red green blue))
(with-buffer-request (dpy (vidmode-opcode dpy))
(data +set-gamma+)
(card16 (screen-position scr dpy))
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