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xtest extension implementation

From Lionel Flandrin <>, motivated by stumpwm
functionality discussed in message <>
on stumpwm-devel (2008-08-13, "XTest extension support for

parent 51ac9540
......@@ -73,7 +73,8 @@
(:xrender-source-file "xrender")
(:file "glx")
(:file "gl" :depends-on ("glx"))
(:file "dpms")))
(:file "dpms")
(:file "xtest")))
(:module demo
:default-component-class example-source-file
;;; -*- Mode: Lisp; Syntax: Common-Lisp; -*-
;;; Implementation of the XTest extension as described by
;;; Written by Lionel Flandrin <> in july
;;; 2008 and placed in the public domain.
;;; TODO:
;;; * Implement XTestSetVisualIDOfVisual and XTestDiscard
;;; * Add the missing (declare (type ...
(defpackage :xtest
(:use :common-lisp :xlib)
(:import-from :xlib
;; Constants
;; Functions
(in-package :xtest)
(define-extension "XTEST")
(defmacro opcode (display)
`(extension-opcode ,display "XTEST"))
;;; The version we implement
(defconstant +major-version+ 2)
(defconstant +minor-version+ 2)
(defconstant +none+ 0)
(defconstant +current-cursor+ 1)
;;; XTest opcodes
(defconstant +get-version+ 0)
(defconstant +compare-cursor+ 1)
(defconstant +fake-input+ 2)
(defconstant +grab-control+ 3)
;;; Fake events
(defconstant +fake-key-press+ 2)
(defconstant +fake-key-release+ 3)
(defconstant +fake-button-press+ 4)
(defconstant +fake-button-release+ 5)
(defconstant +fake-motion-notify+ 6)
;;; Client operations
(defun set-gc-context-of-gc (gcontext gcontext-id)
(declare (type gcontext gcontext)
(type resource-id gcontext-id))
(setf (gcontext-id gcontext) gcontext-id))
;;; Server requests
(defun get-version (display &optional (major +major-version+) (minor +minor-version+))
"Returns the major and minor version of the server's XTest implementation"
(declare (type display display))
(with-buffer-request-and-reply (display (opcode display) nil)
((data +get-version+)
(card8 major)
(card16 minor))
(values (card8-get 1)
(card16-get 8))))
(defun compare-cursor (display window &optional (cursor-id +current-cursor+))
(declare (type display display)
(type resource-id cursor-id)
(type window window))
(with-buffer-request-and-reply (display (opcode display) nil)
((data +compare-cursor+)
(resource-id (window-id window))
(resource-id cursor-id))
(values (card8-get 1))))
(defun fake-motion-event (display x y &key (delay 0) relative (root-window-id 0))
"Move the mouse pointer at coordinates (x, y). If :relative is t,
the movement is relative to the pointer's current position"
(declare (type display display))
(with-buffer-request (display (opcode display))
(data +fake-input+)
(card8 +fake-motion-notify+)
(card8 (if relative 1 0))
(pad16 0)
(card32 delay)
(card32 root-window-id)
(pad32 0 0)
(card16 x)
(card16 y)
(pad32 0 0)))
(defun fake-button-event (display button pressed &key (delay 0))
"Send a fake button event (button pressed or released) to the
server. Most of the time, button 1 is the left one, 2 the middle and 3
the right one but it's not always the case."
(declare (type display display))
(with-buffer-request (display (opcode display))
(data +fake-input+)
(card8 (if pressed +fake-button-press+ +fake-button-release+))
(card8 button)
(pad16 0)
(card32 delay)
(pad32 0 0 0 0 0 0)))
(defun fake-key-event (display keycode pressed &key (delay 0))
"Send a fake key event (key pressed or released) to the server based
on its keycode."
(declare (type display display))
(with-buffer-request (display (opcode display))
(data +fake-input+)
(card8 (if pressed +fake-key-press+ +fake-key-release+))
(card8 keycode)
(pad16 0)
(card32 delay)
(pad32 0 0 0 0 0 0)))
(defun grab-control (display grab?)
"Make the client grab the server, that is allow it to make requests
even when another client grabs the server."
(declare (type display display))
(with-buffer-request (display (opcode display))
(data +grab-control+)
(card8 (if grab? 1 0))
(pad8 0)
(pad16 0)))
;;; Local Variables:
;;; indent-tabs-mode: nil
;;; End:
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