Commit 8ad191cd authored by rydis's avatar rydis
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Fixes open-default-display to set the default screen of the display to the
default screen from get-default-screen

parent f0c60766
......@@ -350,8 +350,9 @@ authority data for the local machine's actual hostname - as returned by
gethostname(3) - is used instead."
(destructuring-bind (host display screen protocol)
(get-default-display display-name)
(declare (ignore screen))
(open-display host :display display :protocol protocol)))
(let ((display (open-display host :display display :protocol protocol)))
(setf (display-default-screen display) (nth screen (display-roots display)))
(defun open-display (host &key (display 0) protocol authorization-name authorization-data)
;; Implementation specific routine to setup the buffer for a
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