Commit 901413c7 authored by csr21's avatar csr21
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render-op type definition

Define a RENDER-OP type.  From Douglas Crosher via mcclim-devel.

parent f42a0212
......@@ -344,7 +344,10 @@ by every function, which attempts to generate RENDER requests."
:out :out-reverse :atop :atop-reverse :xor :add :saturate :maximum))
((index thing) `(member8-put ,index ,thing
:clear :src :dst :over :over-reverse :in :in-reverse
:out :out-reverse :atop :atop-reverse :xor :add :saturate :maximum))))
:out :out-reverse :atop :atop-reverse :xor :add :saturate :maximum)))
(deftype render-op ()
'(member :clear :src :dst :over :over-reverse :in :in-reverse
:out :out-reverse :atop :atop-reverse :xor :add :saturate :maximum)))
;; Now these pictures objects are like graphics contexts. I was about
;; to introduce a synchronous mode, realizing that the RENDER protocol
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