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Update in preparation for SBCL 0.7.13 release

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This directory contains CLX, an X11 client library for Common
Lisp. The code was originally taken from a CMUCL distribution, was
modified somewhat in order to make it compile and run under SBCL, then
a selection of patches were added from other CLXes around the net,
a selection of patches were added from other CLXes around the net.
= Features
- SHAPE extension support (Gilbert Baumann)
- X authority support that works with ssh forwarding (Eric Marsden via CMUCL)
- OPEN-DEFAULT-DISPLAY function, as the name suggests, does that (dan)
- various bug fixes (mostly thanks to Iban Hatchondo)
- various bug fixes (Iban Hatchondo and a cast of several)
= Building
0. You need SBCL (CVS version) or any release after that
0. You need SBCL 0.7.13 or any later release
1. Untar this tree somewhere
2. Add a symlink to clx.asd from one of the directories listed in your
If that makes no sense to you yet, choose one of -
2a. personal installation:
$ cd $HOME/.sbcl/systems # you may have to create this directory
$ ln -s /path/to/clx/source/clx.asd .
2b. systemwide installations: you need to ask SBCL where it lives
$ sbcl --noinform --eval '(format t "~A~%" (posix-getenv "SBCL_HOME"))' </dev/null
$ cd /usr/local/lib/sbcl/site-systems
$ ln -s /path/to/clx/source/clx.asd .
* (require 'asdf)
......@@ -59,4 +74,4 @@ For packaging or SBCL-specific problems, mail dan at
Heavy lifting by
ASDFized version and ongoing by Daniel Barlow <>
ASDFized version and ongoing by Daniel Barlow <>
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@
(defsystem CLX
:depends-on (sb-bsd-sockets)
:version "0.4"
:version "0.4.1"
:serial t
((:file "package")
......@@ -1409,8 +1409,8 @@
(declare (ignore protocol)
(type (integer 0) display))
(if (or (string= host "") (string= host "unix")) ; AF_UNIX domain socket
(let ((s (make-instance 'unix-socket :type :stream)))
(if (or (string= host "") (string= host "unix")) ; AF_LOCAL domain socket
(let ((s (make-instance 'local-socket :type :stream)))
(socket-connect s (format nil "~A~D" +X-unix-socket-path+ display))
(let ((host (car (host-ent-addresses (get-host-by-name host)))))
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