Commit d5f4d53c authored by c.rhodes's avatar c.rhodes
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don't need colormap to get window visual info

We can go directly to window-visual-info.  It might be that implementing
the non-:true-color branch of FIND-WINDOW-PICTURE-FORMAT will need the
COLORMAP; patches subsequent to this one will probably help that out.

parent f502d6f1
......@@ -265,8 +265,7 @@ by every function, which attempts to generate RENDER requests."
(defun find-window-picture-format (window)
"Find the picture format which matches the given window."
(let* ((cm (window-colormap window))
(vi (colormap-visual-info cm))
(let* ((vi (window-visual-info window))
(display (window-display window)))
(ensure-render-initialized display)
(case (visual-info-class vi)
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