Commit dbf64fff authored by Nikodemus Siivola's avatar Nikodemus Siivola
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Support new-style SBCL stack allocation control

parent 44d7e424
......@@ -158,14 +158,18 @@
;; use of this does not imply that applications using CLX
;; calls that expand into calls to these accessors will be
;; optimized in the same way).
(let ((sb-ext:*derive-function-types* t))
(let ((sb-ext:*derive-function-types* t)
(sadx (find-symbol "STACK-ALLOCATE-DYNAMIC-EXTENT" :sb-c))
(sadx-var (find-symbol "*STACK-ALLOCATE-DYNAMIC-EXTENT*" :sb-ext)))
;; deeply unportable stuff, this. I will be shot. We
;; want to enable the dynamic-extent declarations in CLX.
(when (sb-c::policy-quality-name-p
(when (and sadx (sb-c::policy-quality-name-p sadx))
;; no way of setting it back short of yet more yukky stuff
(proclaim '(optimize (sb-c::stack-allocate-dynamic-extent 3))))
(proclaim `(optimize (,sadx 3))))
(if sadx-var
(progv (list sadx-var) (list t)
(setf (operation-on-warnings o) on-warnings
(operation-on-failure o) on-failure))))
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