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Fix clipboard handling according to

Fix clipboard handling according to

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-*- Text -*-
--- Changes in SBCL CLX 0.6.1, FILL IN TIMESTAMP ---
The ICCCM-compliant selection handling in demo/clipboard.lisp is now
more ICCCM-compliant.
--- Changes in SBCL CLX 0.6, Tue Nov 16 2004 ---
A port to ECL has been merged (Juan Jose Garcia Ripoll)
......@@ -20,6 +20,12 @@
;;; flipped on that most clients select on at least one of those
;;; events. This bug is fixed below.
;;; * [ Update 2004-11-29, superseding to some extent the above ] in
;;; fact, these two things are related. ICCCM says that the event
;;; disclaiming the ability to send in a given format should be sent
;;; with an empty event mask ("2.2 Responsibilities of the Selection
;;; Owner").
;;; As ever with these things, the divisions in intellectual property
;;; between the writer of the original C program, Tor Andersson
;;; (contactable at tor [dot] andersson [at] gmail [dot] com) and the
......@@ -106,16 +112,7 @@
(defun send-copy (selection target property requestor time)
(case target
;; we are being a little liberal in what we accept here: no
;; requestor should ask us for a UTF8_STRING selection because we
;; don't advertise the capability (see the TARGETS clause below).
;; However, Xt-based requestors appear not to query TARGETS,
;; instead trying UTF8_STRING, COMPOUND_TEXT and STRING in order;
;; Gdk-based requestors don't query TARGETS either, trying just
;; UTF8_STRING (and giving up if the selection owner returns a
;; null property). So pretend that we can send UTF8_STRING
;; selections.
((:string :utf8_string)
(format t "~&> sending text data~%") (finish-output)
(change-property requestor property
"Hello, World (from the CLX clipboard)!" target 8
......@@ -127,8 +124,7 @@
(format t "~&> sending none~%") (finish-output)
(setf property nil)))
(send-event requestor :selection-notify
(make-event-mask :button-press :property-change)
(send-event requestor :selection-notify (make-event-mask)
:selection selection :target target :property property :time time
:event-window requestor :window requestor))
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