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For those lisps which define the character range 160-255, define character
keysyms.  Leave a comment about lisps which don't define that range

parent cdf2daf4
......@@ -166,6 +166,21 @@
(define-keysym #\backspace (keysym 255 008)) ; :tty
;;; these keysym definitions are only correct if the underlying lisp's
;;; definition of characters between 160 and 255 match latin1 exactly.
;;; If the characters are in some way locale-dependent (as, I believe,
;;; in Allegro8) or are treated as opaque without any notions of
;;; graphicness or case (as in cmucl and openmcl) then defining these
;;; keysyms is either not useful or wrong. -- CSR, 2006-03-14
(do ((i 160 (+ i 1)))
((> i 256))
(if (or (<= #xc0 i #xd6)
(<= #xd8 i #xde))
(define-keysym (code-char i) i :lowercase (+ i 32))
(define-keysym (code-char i) i))))
#+(or lispm excl)
(progn ;; Nonstandard characters
(define-keysym #\escape (keysym 255 027)) ; :tty
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