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      Allows the use of CLX clients over an ssh-forwarded connection. · 1b0cfaa2
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      Allows the use of CLX clients over an ssh-forwarded connection.
      Thanks to Eric Marsden for explaining this one and writing the code
      in CMUCL CLX that fixes it.
      The X authority database is a small file typically found in
      $HOME/.Xauthority, each of the records in which is a binary-encoded
      tuple of
        (protocol address display-num auth-scheme-name auth-data)
      protocol is typically FamilyInternet or FamilyDECnet or something. The
      interpretation of address is protocol-specific, the display is a
      number, and the auth-data depends on the auth-scheme-name.  With that
      said, I don't know of any any authorization schemes other than
      MIT-MAGIC-COOKIE-1, for which the auth data is 16 bytes of binary guck.
      For FamilyInternet, the address is just the IP address.  That's easy.
      However, the authority database may be shared between multiple
      machines (for example, if you have NFS-mounted $HOME), so it has to do
      something special with local transports (unix sockets, shm, etc) so
      that they don't all overwrite each other.  xauth invents some more
      Family* constants: the important one here is FamilyLocal, for which
      the address is the machine hostname as returned by gethostname().  If
      your DISPLAY is set to ":n" or "unix:n", this conventionally indicates
      a local connection, so these go into xauthority as FamilyLocal, wich
      the machine hostname to disambiguate them.
      Many people use SSH X connection forwarding to securely open remote X
      displays.  If you're on host A, and you ssh to host B with X
      connection forwarding (ssh -X B), the daemon on host B opens a server
      socket bound to, port 6010 , then sets up your DISPLAY
      variable as localhost:10 (6011, 6012 etc as more connections are made).
      So, we have the same problem here as we do with local connections: is localhost _everywhere_, so xauth actually specialcases
      any host whose address is in the same way as it does "" and "unix"
      In summary, then, the necessary action to open a connection to the
      nth ssh-forwarded server on a machine is
        1) obtain authentication data for FamilyLocal, display n+10
        2) open the display at FamilyInternet host localhost port n+6010
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      UNIX implementation of get-the-default-display-settings function. SBCL version of host-address · f02b69c8
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      Various porting fixes starting from RAW's version - · 2576f0c1
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      Add clx.asd for a nice clean build process
      Bad type declaration in input.lisp
      Messing about with packages in dependent.lisp so we can run without
      having to recreate all the old CMUCL packages as aliases for the
      nearly-equivalent SBCL ones
      dependent.lisp now uses functions in sb-bsd-sockets to open network
      connections, so no foreign code necessary
      Updated README
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      Initial revision · c7578285
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