Commit 0552d18a authored by Alastair Bridgewater's avatar Alastair Bridgewater
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load-nq-clim: Add a (temporary) load file to get nq-clim built.

  * Not much to see here, it's a hand-maintained linearization of
the dependency graph, a DOLIST with LOAD COMPILE-FILE, and REQUIRE
of :CLX.
parent 8373ff37
;;; load-nq-clim.lisp
;;; A (temporary) way to build and load nq-clim.
(require :clx)
;; KLUDGE: While I'd much prefer to use something like the quick-build
;; system that I put together for the (SYMBOL-VALUE '*DAYJOB*), for
;; now I'm just going to use a hand-maintained linearization of the
;; file dependencies and a DOLIST. Aside from the maintenance
;; problems, this also ignores warnings (including style-warnings)
;; from building various files, which is not an idea that I'm in favor
;; of. I'd far rather have hard build failure in such cases.
(dolist (file '("layout/space-requirement"
(load (compile-file file)))
;;; EOF
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