Commit 0975a134 authored by Alastair Bridgewater's avatar Alastair Bridgewater
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backend/clx/graft: Fix CLX-GRAFT superclass order.

  * SHEET, being the most-abstract class, should be LAST on the
list, as a number of GFs have methods defined to do something
default on SHEET and expect to be overridden by subclasses or

  * In retrospect, requiring a specific ordering for mixins vs. a
base class is weak design, but I don't currently have a good angle
for sorting it out and it takes a back seat to getting the basic
system functional.
parent 2218398c
......@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
;; The superclass list here is subject to revision, as I'm still
;; trying to find my way through the mess of mixins and
;; responsibilities in the sheet classes and protocols.
(defclass clx-graft (sheet
(defclass clx-graft (sheet-multiple-child-mixin
(defmethod realize-mirror ((port clx-port) (mirrored-sheet clx-graft))
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