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backend/clx/port: Initial implementation of CLX backend PORT.

  * This is largely cribbed from a previous incarnation of NQ-CLIM,
after a bit of debugging.

  * An interface is provided to obtain the underlying CLX DISPLAY
object, as it is useful for setting up grafts, event handling, and
so on.
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;;; nq-clim/backend/clx/port
;;; CLX port implementation
(cl:defpackage :nq-clim/backend/clx/port
(:use :cl
(cl:in-package :nq-clim/backend/clx/port)
(defgeneric clx-port-display (clx-port)
(:documentation ""))
(defclass clx-port (basic-port)
((display :initarg display :reader clx-port-display)))
;; The resolve-server-path / create-port pair here parallels the
;; behavior of xlib:open-default-display in CLX.
(defmethod resolve-server-path ((port-type (eql :clx))
&key display)
(destructuring-bind (host display screen protocol)
(xlib::get-default-display display)
`(:clx :host ,host :display ,display :protocol ,protocol :screen ,screen)))
(defmethod create-port ((port-type (eql :clx)) &rest initargs
&key server-path &allow-other-keys)
(destructuring-bind (type &key host display protocol screen) server-path
(declare (ignore type))
(let* ((clx-display (xlib:open-display host :display display
:protocol protocol))
(port (apply #'make-instance 'clx-port
'display clx-display
(setf (xlib:display-default-screen clx-display)
(nth screen (xlib:display-roots clx-display)))
;; FIXME: Start up message-handling loop here.
;; When we are done with a CLX port, close the display.
(defmethod destroy-port ((port clx-port))
(xlib:close-display (clx-port-display port)))
;;; EOF
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@
(load (compile-file file)))
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