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sheet/sheet-multiple-child-mixin: A mixin class for sheets that can have children.

  * This is a straightforward implementation of the parent side of
the sheet hierarchy protocol.

  * We can still implement SHEET-SINGLE-CHILD-MIXIN and
SHEET-LEAF-MIXIN if we care to, but they seem rather useless to me
at this point.
parent b4058627
;;; nq-clim/sheet/sheet-multiple-child-mixin
;;; From CLIM II 7.2.2.
(cl:defpackage :nq-clim/sheet/sheet-multiple-child-mixin
(:use :cl
(cl:in-package :nq-clim/sheet/sheet-multiple-child-mixin)
(defclass sheet-multiple-child-mixin ()
((children :initform nil :reader sheet-children)))
(defmethod sheet-adopt-child ((sheet sheet-multiple-child-mixin) child)
;; Allow the child to veto the adoption (by raising an error) and to
;; take care of its own bookkeeping.
;; And, now that we're committed to the adoption, add the sheet to
;; our list of children.
(push child (slot-value sheet 'children)))
(defmethod sheet-disown-child ((sheet sheet-multiple-child-mixin) child &key (errorp t))
(declare (ignore errorp))
;; Remove the child from our list of children, or silently do
;; nothing if it's not actually on said list.
(with-slots (children) sheet
(setf children (delete child children)))
;; And allow the child to raise an error if it isn't actually a
;; child and to take care of its own bookkeeping.
;;; EOF
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