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geometry/transformation-protocol: Predicates and operations involving transformations.

  * This is the basics of the transformation protocol.  Mostly
generic functions, most of which need to be implemented for each
instantiable subclass of TRANSFORMATION.
parent 05864754
;;; nq-clim/geometry/transformation-protocol
;;; Parts of CLIM II 5.1 and CLIM II 5.3.
(cl:defpackage :nq-clim/geometry/transformation-protocol
(:use :cl
(cl:in-package :nq-clim/geometry/transformation-protocol)
(define-condition transformation-error (error) ())
(define-condition singular-transformation (transformation-error)
((transformation :initarg :transformation)))
(defgeneric transformation-equal (transformation1 transformation2))
(defgeneric identity-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION has no effect on its inputs."))
(defgeneric invertible-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION can be inverted (is not singular)."))
(defgeneric translation-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION is a pure translation (for each point x,y, transforms to x+dx,y+dy for some constant dx,dy)."))
(defgeneric reflection-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION affects the \"handedness\" of the coordinate system (causes angles to be measured in the opposite direction)."))
(defgeneric rigid-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION preserves magnitudes of all angles and distances (that is, is translations and rotations only, no scaling, no skewing)."))
(defgeneric even-scaling-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION is a scaling transformation that affects both axes equally."))
(defgeneric scaling-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION scales each axis independently by some factor."))
(defgeneric rectilinear-transformation-p (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns true if TRANSFORMATION returns an axis-aligned rectangle when given an axis-aligned rectangle."))
(defgeneric compose-transformations (transformation1 transformation2))
(defgeneric invert-transformation (transformation)
(:documentation "Returns a transformation that \"undoes\" the effect of TRANSFORMATION, or signals SINGULAR-TRANSFORMATION if this cannot be done."))
(defgeneric transform-region (transformation region))
(defgeneric untransform-region (transformation region)
(:method ((transformation transformation) region)
(transform-region (invert-transformation transformation) region)))
(defgeneric transform-position (transformation x y))
(defgeneric untransform-position (transformation x y)
(:method ((transformation transformation) x y)
(transform-position (invert-transformation transformation) x y)))
(defgeneric transform-distance (transformation dx dy))
(defgeneric untransform-distance (transformation dx dy)
(:method ((transformation transformation) dx dy)
(transform-distance (invert-transformation transformation) dx dy)))
(defgeneric transform-rectangle* (transformation x1 y1 x2 y2))
(defgeneric untransform-rectangle* (transformation x1 y1 x2 y2)
(:method ((transformation transformation) x1 y1 x2 y2)
(transform-rectangle* (invert-transformation transformation) x1 y1 x2 y2)))
;;; EOF
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