Commit bfa91b9a authored by Alastair Bridgewater's avatar Alastair Bridgewater
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backend/clx/mirror: Initial support for non-GRAFT mirrored sheets.

  * This is just the method for REALIZE-MIRROR at this point, no
hookups for event handling (which we don't have any code for yet),
no support for DESTROY-MIRROR (seven years bad luck), none of the
special magical integration for things like (SETF SHEET-ENABLED),
but enough that we can use it to put a window on the screen.
parent a6ec2d02
;;; nq-clim/backend/clx/mirror
;;; CLX mirrored sheet support
(cl:defpackage :nq-clim/backend/clx/mirror
(:use :cl
(cl:in-package :nq-clim/backend/clx/mirror)
(defmethod realize-mirror ((port clx-port) mirrored-sheet)
(let ((parent-mirror (realize-mirror port (sheet-parent mirrored-sheet))))
(multiple-value-bind (min-x min-y max-x max-y)
(bounding-rectangle* mirrored-sheet)
(xlib:create-window :parent parent-mirror
:x min-x
:y min-y
:width (- max-x min-x)
:height (- max-y min-y)))))
;;; EOF
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
(load (compile-file file)))
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