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sheet/sheet: The SHEET protocol-class.

  * The beginnings of the CLIM model for areas of the display
allocated for graphical output and event handling.

  * This is just the protocol-class and the predicate, the actual
guts of the protocol come later.
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;;; nq-clim/sheet/sheet
;;; The SHEET protocol class (most of CLIM II 7.1).
(cl:defpackage :nq-clim/sheet/sheet
(:use :cl)
(cl:in-package :nq-clim/sheet/sheet)
;; The protocol class. Users may subclass this to provide other
;; objects that behave as sheets.
(defclass sheet () ())
;; The protocol predicate.
(defun sheetp (object)
"Return TRUE iif OBJECT is a SHEET."
(typep object 'sheet))
;;; EOF
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