Commit 19f2d569 authored by Jan Idzikowski's avatar Jan Idzikowski
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Fixed encoding errors in header strings

parent 4dd11e1f
Version 20100422.1
Fixed encoding errors in header strings,
new function q-encode-str to encode strings in header
Change cl-smtp.lisp, CHANGELOG
Version 20100420.1
Fixed error when send more than 1 attachment,
......@@ -62,6 +62,28 @@
#+allegro (excl:string-to-base64-string str)
#-allegro (cl-base64:string-to-base64-string str))
(defun q-encode-str (str &key (external-format
(flex:make-external-format :iso-8859-15)))
(let ((line-has-non-ascii nil))
(with-output-to-string (s)
(loop for c across str do
((< 127 (char-code c))
(unless line-has-non-ascii
(format s "=?~A?Q?" (flex:external-format-name external-format))
(setf line-has-non-ascii t))
(loop for byte across (flex:string-to-octets
(make-string 1 :initial-element c)
:external-format external-format)
do (format s "=~2,'0X" byte)))
(when line-has-non-ascii
(format s "?=")
(setf line-has-non-ascii nil))
(format s "~C" c))))
(when line-has-non-ascii
(format s "?=")))))
(define-condition smtp-error (error)
......@@ -104,7 +126,13 @@
(defun do-with-smtp-mail (host from to thunk &key port authentication ssl local-hostname)
(usocket:with-client-socket (socket stream host port)
(usocket:with-client-socket (socket stream host port
:element-type '(unsigned-byte 8))
(setf stream (flexi-streams:make-flexi-stream
:latin-1 :eol-style :lf)))
(let ((stream (smtp-handshake stream
:authentication authentication
:ssl ssl
......@@ -155,6 +183,7 @@
:authentication authentication
:ssl ssl
:local-hostname local-hostname)
(setf (in-header stream) nil)
(let* ((boundary (make-random-boundary))
(html-boundary (if (and attachments html-message)
......@@ -288,9 +317,9 @@
(setf stream
#+allegro (socket:make-ssl-client-stream stream)
(let ((s stream))
(let ((s (flexi-streams:flexi-stream-stream stream)))
(cl+ssl:stream-fd stream)
(cl+ssl:stream-fd s)
:close-callback (lambda () (close s)))))
(setf stream (flexi-streams:make-flexi-stream
......@@ -360,14 +389,16 @@
server connected to on STREAM. The server is expected to have
previously accepted the DATA SMTP command."
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "Date: ~A" (get-email-date-string)))
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "From: ~@[~A <~]~A~@[>~]"
display-name from display-name))
(if display-name
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "From: ~A <~A>"
(q-encode-str display-name) from))
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "From: ~A" from)))
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "To: ~{ ~a~^,~}" to))
(when cc
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "Cc: ~{ ~a~^,~}" cc)))
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "Subject: ~A" subject))
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "Subject: ~A" (q-encode-str subject)))
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "X-Mailer: cl-smtp ~A"
(q-encode-str *x-mailer*)))
(when reply-to
(write-to-smtp stream (format nil "Reply-To: ~A" reply-to)))
(when (and extra-headers
......@@ -388,7 +419,7 @@
(defun write-to-smtp (stream command)
(print-debug (format nil "to server: ~A" command))
(write-string command stream)
(write-sequence command stream)
(write-char #\Return stream)
(write-char #\NewLine stream)
(force-output stream))
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