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<p>CL-SMTP is a simple lisp Networking Library that provides SMTP client protocol, supported LOGIN and PLAIN authentication methods.</p>
<p><b>New Version</b> [20100621.1] Rewrite base64-encode-file in attachments.lisp, fixed wrap at column
and add #\Return#\Newline after each column, ignore keyword buffer-size.<br/>
Fixed string-to-base64-string allegro part in cl-smtp.lisp (wrap-at-column nil).<br/>
Fixed finish-smtp-mail in cl-smtp, not use fresh-line on stream, send #\Return#\Newline.
Add test for base64-encode-file.</p>
<p><b>New Version</b> [20130121.1] Check message/html-message for non ascii characters and send message/html-message encoded quoted-printable when found non ascii characters.</p>
<p><b>Documentation</b> see the README file.</p>
......@@ -89,7 +85,7 @@ browse our CVS repository</a> or download the current development tree via
<div class="footer">
<a href="mailto:jidzikowski (at) common-lisp (dot) net">Jan Idzikowski</a>, 21. Jun 2010.
<a href="mailto:jidzikowski (at) common-lisp (dot) net">Jan Idzikowski</a>, 21. Jan 2013.
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