Commit 50d66980 authored by Philipp Marek's avatar Philipp Marek

Revert "Avoid duplicate logic in WHEN-LET*."

This reverts commit 612700cd.
parent 408ff1d6
......@@ -83,9 +83,11 @@ PROGN."
(labels ((bind (bindings body)
(if bindings
`(let (,(car bindings))
`((let (,(car bindings))
(when ,(caar bindings)
(bind (cdr bindings) body)))
`(progn ,@body))))
(bind (cdr binding-list) body))))
,@(bind (cdr bindings) body))))
`(let (,(car binding-list))
(when ,(caar binding-list)
,@(bind (cdr binding-list) body))))))
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