Commit 567f5f13 authored by Philipp Marek's avatar Philipp Marek

Compatibility for TexInfo > 5.

parent 7cef01b2
......@@ -848,14 +848,17 @@ package, as well as for the package itself."
(defun write-ifnottex ()
;; We use @&key, etc to escape & from TeX in lambda lists -- so we need to
;; define them for info as well.
;; Texinfo > 5 doesn't allow "&" in macro names any more;
;; see also or
;; ASDF commit dfa4643b212b194f2d673b6f0d9c7d4b19d823ba
(flet ((macro (name)
(let ((string (string-downcase name)))
(format *texinfo-output* "@macro ~A~%~A~%@end macro~%" string string))))
(macro '&allow-other-keys)
(macro '&optional)
(macro '&rest)
(macro '&key)
(macro '&body)))
(format *texinfo-output* "@macro ~A~%&~A~%@end macro~%" string string))))
(macro 'allow-other-keys)
(macro 'optional)
(macro 'rest)
(macro 'key)
(macro 'body)))
(defun generate-includes (directory packages &key (base-package :cl-user))
"Create files in `directory' containing Texinfo markup of all
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