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(defsystem "alexandria"
:version "0.0.0"
:version "1.0.0"
:licence "Public Domain / 0-clause MIT"
:description "Alexandria is a collection of portable public domain utilities."
:author "Nikodemus Siivola <>, and others."
:author "Nikodemus Siivola and others."
"Alexandria is a project and a library.
As a project Alexandria's goal is to reduce duplication of effort and improve
portability of Common Lisp code according to its own idiosyncratic and rather
conservative aesthetic. What this actually means is open to debate, but each
project member has a veto on all project activities, so a degree of
conservativism is inevitable.
conservative aesthetic.
As a library Alexandria is one of the means by which the project strives for
its goals.
......@@ -28,6 +26,8 @@ the following constraints:
* Conservative: Alexandria limits itself to what project members consider
conservative utilities. Alexandria does not and will not include anaphoric
constructs, loop-like binding macros, etc.
Also, its exported symbols are being imported by many other packages
already, so each new export carries the danger of causing conflicts.
* Portable: Alexandria limits itself to portable parts of Common Lisp. Even
apparently conservative and useful functions remain outside the scope of
(defpackage :alexandria.1.0.0
(:nicknames :alexandria)
(:use :cl)
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