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Documentation updates.

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......@@ -41,12 +41,18 @@ Documentation:
Patches are always welcome! Please send them to the mailing list as
attachments, generated by "git format-patch -1".
Patches are always welcome! Please prepare pull requests in
gitlab, though we also can pull branches off github.
Patches should include a commit message that explains what's being
done and /why/, and when fixing a bug or adding a feature you should
also include a test-case.
Be advised though that right now new features are unlikely to be
accepted until 1.0 is officially out of the door.
Be advised that the ALEXANDRIA-1 package is frozen; there are so many
existing users that any newly exported symbols are likely to break
someone's code.
For that reason an ALEXANDRIA-2 package is now open for additions;
to make switching over easier it will include all the symbols from
ALEXANDRIA-1 as well [just change your (:USE ALEXANDRIA) to
(:USE ALEXANDRIA-2) to get the new functions in your package].
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ include:
sbcl --no-userinit --eval '(require :asdf)' \
--eval '(let ((asdf:*central-registry* (list "../"))) (require :alexandria))' \
--load docstrings.lisp \
--eval '(sb-texinfo:generate-includes "include/" (list :alexandria) :base-package :alexandria)' \
--eval '(sb-texinfo:generate-includes "include/" (list :alexandria-2) :base-package :alexandria-2)' \
--eval '(quit)'
pdf: include
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