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Improve WITH-GENSYMS docstring

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(in-package :alexandria)
(defmacro with-gensyms (names &body forms)
"Binds each variable named by a symbol in NAMES to a unique symbol around
FORMS. Each of NAMES must either be either a symbol, or of the form:
"Binds a set of variables to gensyms and evaluates the implicit progn FORMS.
(symbol string-designator)
Each element within NAMES is either a symbol SYMBOL or a pair (SYMBOL
STRING-DESIGNATOR). Bare symbols are equivalent to the pair (SYMBOL SYMBOL).
Bare symbols appearing in NAMES are equivalent to:
(symbol symbol)
The string-designator is used as the argument to GENSYM when constructing the
unique symbol the named variable will be bound to."
Each pair (SYMBOL STRING-DESIGNATOR) specifies that the variable named by SYMBOL
should be bound to a symbol constructed using GENSYM with the string designated
by STRING-DESIGNATOR being its first argument."
`(let ,(mapcar (lambda (name)
(multiple-value-bind (symbol string)
(etypecase name
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