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      generic MEAN and MEDIAN, new function DISPLACE-ARRAY · 485544d4
      tpapp authored
       Objects other than sequences have means and medians (eg probability
       distributions, arrays, sequences/arrays wrapped in another object, etc), so
       it makes sense to make these functions generic.
       DISPLACE-ARRAY is a small utility function that is used in the implementation
       of MEDIAN for arrays, but is also of general utility because it makes the
       creation of displaced arrays simpler, dispensing with the need to specify the
       element type, and offering sensible defaults when one wants vectors.
       Also added tests for all the new functions/methods.
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      convert ENSURE-GETHASH into a macro · d92432dd
      Ryan Davis authored
       Evaluate the default-form only if we actually use it.
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      documentation baby-steps · bb423c64
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
       * Default doc/Makefile command now generates all docs and cleans up
         temporary files.
       * Generate info as well, and use makeinfo to generate the html.
       * Spit out a ifnottex.include for @&key macros, etc for the benefit
         of makeinfo.
       * Clean up &WHOLE and &ENVIRONMENT from the lambda-lists.
       * MAKE-CIRCULAR-LIST was documented twice, oops.
  16. 09 Mar, 2010 6 commits
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      documentation updates · 829db7c7
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
        Add bunch of missing symbols to the manual, and go over several
        docstrings reformatting them for the benefit of the documentation
        (A crapton of symbols are still not in the manual.)
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      copy docstrings.lisp from SBCL · b098d0fd
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
        Easier to work with like this. Note: the code has already mutated a bit.
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      minimal README · 01a5b9bf
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
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      missing earmuff in tests.lisp · 81213e29
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
      Patch by: Peter Graves <peter@armedbear.org>
    • Nikodemus Siivola's avatar
      faster WHICHEVER · ada02b06
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
       Call RANDOM just once, and build an inline binary search tree
       for O(log n) goodness instead of O(n).
       Patch by: Gustavo <gugamilare@gmail.com>
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      robuster docstring generation · d4a72df5
      Nikodemus Siivola authored
       SBCL makes a directory called doc/manual/docstrings; this interferes
       with loading the lisp file if the SBCL source tree had documentation
       built in it unless we use an explicit .lisp suffix.
       Patch by: Daniel Herring <dherring@at.tentpost.dot.com>
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