Commit 091bef6b authored by Daniel Kochmański's avatar Daniel Kochmański
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Merge branch 'fix-signum-tests' into 'master'

fix signum tests to use approximate equal comparison

See merge request ansi-test/ansi-test!20
parents ac9cca4b a1747969
......@@ -1137,6 +1137,9 @@ the condition to go uncaught if it cannot be classified."
(defun approx= (x y &optional (eps (epsilon x)))
(<= (abs (/ (- x y) (max (abs x) 1))) eps))
(defun approx-eql (x y)
(and (approx= x y) (typep x (type-of y))))
(defun epsilon (number)
(etypecase number
(complex (* 2 (epsilon (realpart number)))) ;; crude
......@@ -77,35 +77,35 @@
for c2 = (complex onem z)
for c3 = (complex z one)
for c4 = (complex z onem)
unless (eql c1 (signum c1))
unless (approx-eql c1 (signum c1))
collect (list c1 (signum c1))
unless (eql c2 (signum c2))
unless (approx-eql c2 (signum c2))
collect (list c2 (signum c2))
unless (eql c3 (signum c3))
unless (approx-eql c3 (signum c3))
collect (list c3 (signum c3))
unless (eql c4 (signum c4))
unless (approx-eql c4 (signum c4))
collect (list c4 (signum c4)))
(deftest signum.8
(let* ((c (complex 0 1))
(s (signum c)))
(or (eqlt c s)
(eqlt s #c(0.0 1.0))))
(or (approx-eql c s)
(approx-eql s #c(0.0 1.0))))
(deftest signum.9
(let* ((c (complex 0 -1))
(s (signum c)))
(or (eqlt c s)
(eqlt s #c(0.0 -1.0))))
(or (approx-eql c s)
(approx-eql s #c(0.0 -1.0))))
(deftest signum.10
(let* ((c (complex 3/5 4/5))
(s (signum c)))
(or (eqlt c s)
(eqlt s (complex (float 3/5) (float 4/5)))))
(or (approx-eql c s)
(approx-eql s (complex (float 3/5) (float 4/5)))))
(deftest signum.11
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