Commit 0ec45541 authored by Michał Herda's avatar Michał Herda 🤔
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With print escaping turned off, symbols are printed without any package
prefix. The test called READ-FROM-STRING within WITH-STANDARD-IO-SYNTAX,
which caused the resulting symbol to be read and interned within the
CL-USER package. This commit fixes this behaviour (the symbol is interned
in the CL-TEST package).
parent 91e61bee
......@@ -12,9 +12,10 @@
(deftest print-structure.1
(let ((s (make-print-struct-1 :foo 1 :bar 2)))
(let ((*tst-pkg* (find-package "CL-TEST"))
(*kwd-pkg* (find-package "KEYWORD")))
(let ((str (write-to-string s :readably nil :case :upcase :escape nil)))
(let* ((*package* (find-package "CL-TEST"))
(*tst-pkg* *package*)
(*kwd-pkg* (find-package "KEYWORD")))
(let ((str (write-to-string s :readably nil :case :upcase :escape nil)))
(assert (string= (subseq str 0 3) "#S("))
(let ((vals (read-from-string (subseq str 2))))
(assert (listp vals))
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